Our first newfoundland:
Alpha vom Hanseller Land
1984 - 1987
Alpha was fond of swimming.

She died at a tragical car accident.

Our second newfoundland:
Aphrodite von der Meisenburg, called Vroni
1985 - 1995

Our first male:
Donar vom Hanseller Land
1986 - 1996

Vroni and Donar

Alexa von der Arche Noah "Hexe"
1981 - 1995

Hexe is the origine of our brown breeding. She first came to us in the age of six years, and with her we had our B- and C-litter. She was our companion till the high age of 14 years. Still today we "find" a little Alexa in each litter of her offsprings.

Finnichella First
1994 - 2001

Finnichella came to us first in 1999.
Her excellent, plasant nature made her so lovable.
We miss her so much.

Tamira vom Riesrand
1989 - 2001

Tamira was our faithful friend and companion for 12 1/2 years.
Although she had only one litter, she was very important for us.
Tamira was a strong personaltty
and led our pack for many years.
In her daughter Elina, her granddaugher Lilly-Marlene
and her greatgrandchildren she continues living for us.

Cher Ami von Sanssouci "Emil" (right)
1988 - 2002

Emil was a son of our Alexa's last litter. His father was our Donar vom Hanseller Land. Emil got nearly 14 years old.
Thanks to Mrs. Dr. Schäfer (FFB) for her loveful care during this long life. And further much luck for her with "Max" and with "Seppl" (on the photo left).


Cayuga Gearup of Bonaventura "Chandler"
2003 - 2005

Our Chandler was a very hopeful boy, who even won BOB in the Youth Class. He died in a very tragical manner as a consequence of an Ehrlichiose at the age of two years. We miss him very much.

Lilly Marlene von Sanssouci
1995 - 2007

Our Lilly had had many very nice puppies. She was an excellent mother for them. Especilally our Q litter with 13 puppies will be unforgettable. She served her puppies confidently, and we never had to be anxious about one. Lilly was a very cuddly and clinging bitch. Most of our visitors were captivated by her charm. We miss her so much!

Sognando il Paradiso per Sanssouci
1996 - 2007

After two cesarean sections, Sognando should not get any more puppies. So she became the leader of our pride, and did this job till short before she deceased. She only used body language for this. One of her puppies now lives in Florida. Sognando was a very calm bitch, but even when she was 11 years old, a ball could turn her to a coltish dog. She was our first white/black Newfoundland dog. We will never forget her.

Thunderstrucks Newfs All I Need is Love "Ali"
October 2007 - June 2008

We still cannot beleive that our Ali is dead.
Fate decided, that he only got 9 months old. During this time, he gave us so much of love and confidence. He was not only a nice boy, but also a very cuddly and calm male, compliant with all animals in our house. We miss him very much!
Dear Ali, you will always have a place in our hearts, we will never foreget you!

Paradisonewfs All those that you want "Holly"
April 2007 - March 2009

Ventidue Baci von Sanssouci "Lola"
February 2002 to February 2012

For 10 years, Lola was our darling and she was with us in good and bad days,
for a full lifetime. During our A2-litter of her daughter
Zoe-Zalika, she helped raising the puppies. We will never forget Lola.